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Woman, dark hair, dark v-neck blouse, facing the camera

The Department of Drama is


to develop a translation of 

Raphael’s Islands 

by UVA Alum Alexandra Déglise 


Please prepare by reading the play (link here) 

Sign up for a 10-min zoom conversation with the playwright Jan 31 or Feb 1 (link here)

No memorization; no experience necessary 

Students, Faculty, Staff and C-Ville Community WELCOME 

The Characters: (identify as Black Female) 

AURORA: internationally renowned author. She is the disruptor. She comes to shed light on what is supposed to stay hidden. She is sharp as a knife and invested in a mission too heavy for her. 

SOLÈNE, Aurora’s sister, financial manager of the Liberty Estate.She is the guardian of traditions and protector of the family's reputation. She appears to be solid and steady as a central pillar but is on the verge of cracking and collapsing. 

ANGIE, Aurora’s and Solène’s cousin, Solène’s assistant at the Liberty Estate.She is the peacemaker and guardian angel of the family. She is the link between the visible and the invisible worlds. She's as fluid as water and as bright as the sun. 


The Dates 

Rehearsals: March 12th, 13th and 14th--6 pm - 10 pm 

Performance: March 15th--7:00 pm Ruth Caplin Theater 





Spring Course credit available: DRAM 3652 Producing 

More about the playwright: