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Guest Artists

The Department of Drama and Dance engages guest artists on a regular basis in various capacities as part of its performance season. Guests artists may interact with students and the department as a whole in a number of ways, including performances, readings, hosting talkbacks and workshops, and serving as guest designers or directors for department productions. 

Guest Artists By Season:

  • 2023-2024 

Artist Residency: Jesús I. Valles (PLAY MAID; Maleficios)

Everybody: J. Patrick Adair (scenic design), Latrice Lovett (lighting design)

Fall Dance Concert: Demetia Hopkins, Shandoah Goldman, Emily Wright

  • 2022-2023

Sense and Sensibility: Ant Ma (scenic design), Latrice Lovett (lighting design) -- view playbill

Fall Dance Concert 2022: Emily Wright, Julia A. Vessey -- view playbill

Twelfth Night: Michael Lewis (scenic design) -- view playbill

Spring Dance Concert: Elizabeth Culbertson, Cara Hagan, Zap McConnell -- view playbill

  • 2021-2022

Fall Dance Concert: Maggie Small, Emily Wright -- view playbill

When the Rain Stops Falling: Jenny McNee (costume design) -- view playbill

How to Live on Earth: Matt Radford Davies (director), Batul Rizvi (scenic design), Paul Curerri (sound design), Eamonn Farrell (media design) -- view playbill

16 Winters, or the Bear's Tale: Kate Eastwood Norris (director), Jenny McNee (costume design), Steven Spera (lighting design), Paul Curreri (sound design; music composition) -- see playbill

Spring Dance Concert: Michelle Mola, Katharine Birdsall, Ellen Crooks, Jordan Perry -- view playbill