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Mona Kasra

Associate Professor, Digital Media Design (Associate Professor, Dept. of Art)

209 Drama Bldg.
Charlottesville, VA

Mona Kasra is an Iranian American new media artist, interdisciplinary scholar. Her practice-based research questions, critiques, and experiments with the affordances of media technologies within artistic forms and in a variety of improvisational framings. She frequently collaborates with artists, musicians, choreographers, and theater-makers to explore the creative possibilities and technical challenges of incorporating digital media and technology into theatrical productions and live performances. Much of her work in this area is motivated by the exploration of experimental theater and site-specific immersive experiences that defy the constructs of traditional theatrical performance. She’s also strongly motivated by the transformative power of socially conscious theater and by the significant impact that it can realize. 

Kasra’s artwork has been exhibited widely in galleries and film festivals across the US and worldwide, and she has juried, curated, and programmed for many exhibitions, film festivals, and conferences. Her recent publications can be found in several journals including New Media & SocietyThe Communication ReviewJournal of Dance Education, and Media and Communication

Kasra holds an MFA in Video/Digital Art, and a PhD in Arts & Technology with an emphasis on Emerging Media and Communication. She currently serves on the board of ACM SIGGRAPH and New Media Caucus.

At the University of Virginia, she lectures and teaches courses on new media art, projection design, integrated interactive media, and immersive media. 

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