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Costume Shop at VTF

MFA Costume Design and Technology

The MFA Costume Design and Technology Program is not recruiting for Fall 2024. 

A three-year course of study moves learned methodologies from the classroom into the production laboratory.

The first year establishes a solid foundation with emphasis on development of research, communication, technique, organization, and time management.

The second year explores and encourages further development of the artist’s talents emphasizing individual focus.

The third year prepares the student to enter the profession. Production laboratory provides opportunities for leadership as designer, assistant designer, cutter, draper, dyer, first hand, and crafts artisan.

These three years culminate in a thesis project, the accompanying document which examines and evaluates the designer/technologist’s artistic process, and the professional portfolio which reflects the body of work.

Graduate assistants work in collaboration with costume faculty in both costume shop and classroom, gaining experience in personnel and shop management, cutting and construction, and crafts, and assisting faculty in costume technology, design, history of dress, creative process, and makeup courses.

Costume Faculty:

Marcy Linton, Graduate Advisor & Costume Technology Specialist

Sarah Bryan, Costume Shop Supervisor