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Student Room Reservation Form

Students who wish to reserve rehearsal spaces may do so with this form. Completed forms should be e-mailed to the Production Coordinator, Caitlin McLeod at or placed in hard copy in Caitlin McLeod’s mailbox in the main office of the Drama Building. Requests will be processed within two business days and returned via e-mail with an indication of “Approved,” along with a choice of date; or an indication of “Rejected.”

Please note that in order for a reservation to be processed successfully, the reservation must be for a class or Lab Series show.

This form may not be used to reserve spaces for the current week. If you wish to reserve a room for the current week, pencil in your reservation on the calendar on the door of the space you wish to reserve.

Virginia Players

The Virginia Players strive to be a liaison group between the Drama Department and the student body, to offer advice on decisions that will affect students’ experiences in theatre, and to support the faculty in implementing those decisions and events. In addition, we hope to garner interest and involvement in the Drama Department, both academic and extracurricular by fostering a sense of community in the department and planning events that showcase students’ talents

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