By Barbra Hammond

Directed by Marianne Kubik

Performs 9/28 – 10/8

A play about the most famous Performance art piece in history.

On February 21, 2012, members of the Russian feminist protest punk rock group Pussy Riot walked into Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral and danced, kicked and shouted on its altar, where all women are forbidden. 48 seconds into their punk prayer “Virgin Mary, Chase Putin Away!” they were forcibly dragged out of the cathedral. When video of their protest went viral overnight, the Kremlin and Russian Orthodox Church took notice. Three Pussy Riot members – Nadya, Masha and Katya – were hunted down, put on trial, and convicted for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.” Their trial was covered internationally by the media with open support through public acts of solidarity, launching this post-Soviet art-activist group, and Russia’s alleged connections of church to state, into the global public sphere, with all eyes on Russia’s next political move. This is their story.

UVA Drama, with the encouragment of the playwright, will cast qualified actors for each role, regardless of a character's race and age, but we will aim to honor the playwright's gender distribution in the script.


Auditions will be held on:

Saturday, April 29: 1pm to 4pm

 Monday, May 1: 5pm to 9pm

Callbacks Tuesday, May 2: 5pm to 9pm

Auditions and callbacks are in Room 115C in the Drama Building


Audition Info



Please prepare:


1) a 1-minute monologue (any genre, period or style) that illustrates a shift in emotion or intention. Must be off-book (memorized).

2) a 1-minute portion of a published speech or essay that resonates deeply within you (non- fiction, no poetry). Off-book (memorized) preferred, but not required.


Russian: Please be ready to speak or sing a few lines in Russian (keep it clean). We’ll use Russian dialect for the show, and we are looking for actors who can demonstrate an ear for the sound of this language. This should be in actual Russian (not English with Russian accent). Tell us about the weather, how you’re doing, etc., just a few sentences. You can find audible translation sites online, and we have plenty of Russian speakers in the University you can use as a resource.

Scenes: We’ll read from sides (select scenes) that will be posted ahead of time on the audition site. Those attending callbacks will need to have read the play beforehand so that you come to the callback with a full awareness of the play’s subject matter, style, and physical action. We'll ask you to be specific about roles for which you do and do not want to be considered.

  • Depending on how you are cast, you will register for Production Laboratory: Acting or Special Topics: Performance.


Audition and Casting Policy and Procedures

An open casting policy exists for all Drama mainstage (Culbreth, Helms, and Ruth Caplin) and Lab Series productions. All students, faculty, staff, and Charlottesville community members are encouraged to audition.  Dance concert auditions are open only to UVA students.

Please see below for additional information on casting procedures. The only exception to the open casting policy occurs in the second and third years of the graduate actors’ careers. These actors will be pre-cast in suitable thesis roles as an integral part of their advanced training.

Helms/Lab Series Auditions

Auditions for Virginia Players Lab Series shows will be conducted by the director of the production at his/her discretion. Actors will find audition notices for these productions posted on departmental bulletin boards. It is the actor’s responsibility to check for audition notices on a regular basis. We recommend at least once a week.

Mainstage Auditions

Audition Preparation for Mainstage Productions

Actors will be asked to perform a general audition consisting of two short (one to two minutes) contrasting pieces. If a musical is being cast, the actor will also be required to sing a brief selection. Performance faculty may be consulted for selection of audition material.

Performers will be screened in these general auditions and selected for callbacks where readings from individual scripts will be the primary audition material. Some directors may also ask actors to improvise. Actors auditioning for musicals may be required to dance. Actors should arrive at least fifteen minutes before their scheduled audition time.

Audition Information Sheets

At the time of the general auditions, actors will be given an information sheet. It is important to read all the information detailed on this sheet very carefully including rehearsal dates and times; performance dates and times; special production requirements; and departmental casting policy.

Audition Schedule for Mainstage Season

Audition announcements are posted at least two weeks before scheduled audition dates on the Dept. of Drama main bulletin board in the office lobby adjacent to Room 201.