On Stage


Fall 2021 Dance Concert

Kim Brooks Mata, Producer and Artistic Director

November 11-13 at 8pm
Ruth Caplin Theatre

Each semester the Dance Program presents eclectic, provocative, and engaging choreographic works by students, faculty, and guest artists.

When the Rain Stops Falling

by Andrew Bovell
directed by Marianne Kubik

November 18-20 at 8pm, December 3 &4 at 8pm, December 5 at 2pm
Culbreth Theatre
The year is 2039. It’s been raining for days when a sudden omen forecasts a great flood to end all life on earth. Climate change becomes the companion to a family tree whose branches span four generations and two continents in this intricate story that considers how patterns of abandonment and betrayal shape a damaging legacy that may test the resilience of its inheritors. Patrons interested in the content warning, please click here.

New Works Festival

Produced by Dave Dalton and Doug Grissom

February 10-12 at 8pm
Helms Theatre

How to Live On Earth

by MJ Kaufman
Directed by Matt Radford Davies

February 24-26 and March 1-3 at 8pm 
Ruth Caplin Theatre

Four people are shortlisted for the frontier adventure of a lifetime. The place: Mars. The catch? They can never come home. In this touching story inspired by the Mars One project, the finalists grapple with how this one-way journey will change their loved ones and themselves, exploring our unrelenting focus on the next frontier and the question of giving one’s life for something greater than oneself.

16 Winters, or the Bear’s Tale

by Mary Elizabeth Hamilton
Directed by Kate Eastwood Norris

April 21-23 and 28-30 at 8pm
Culbreth Theatre

Condemned by her husband for infidelity, the queen of Sicilia fakes her death and waits it out in a cabin in the woods in this story that imagines the 16-year interval in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. The king feeds his guilt through rock music and the ghost of his dead son, his abandoned daughter runs away, and everyone is pursued by a bear. Full of mistaken identity and male privilege gone wrong, this comedy-drama explores the reimagining of social constructs and how we create a new path in the wake of repression. 

Spring Dance Concert

Kim Brooks Mata, Producer & Artistic Director

April 28-30 at 7:30pm
Ruth Caplin Theatre