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Upcoming UVA Drama and Dance Performances, Spring 2022

PLEASE NOTE:  On March 21, 2022, the University of Virginia changed their guidance on mask wearing and it is now optional when attending our performances. We encourage those who are unvaccinated, at elevated risk, live with vulnerable individuals, or desire an additional level of personal protection to continue using KN95 or equivalent masks indoors, and we strongly encourage vaccinations and boosters.

16 Winters, or the Bear’s Tale

by Mary Elizabeth Hamilton
Directed by Kate Eastwood Norris

April 21-23 and 28-30 at 8pm
Culbreth Theatre



The UVA Department of Drama will wrap up its  2021-2022 season with a fun and timely tale that uses Shakespeare as a springboard to comedy while exploring issues that range from patriarchy and repression to how we re-engage with ourselves and the world around us following our own pandemic hibernation.

Mary Elizabeth Hamilton’s 16 Winters, or the Bear’s Tale, set in the 16 years that pass between Acts 3 and 4 of Shakespeare’s play The Winter’s Tale, will be directed by Kate Eastwood Norris and opens on April 21 at 8pm at the Culbreth Theatre.

Condemned by her husband for infidelity, the queen of Sicilia has faked her death and is waiting it out in a cabin in the woods in the heart of Bohemia. The king is feeding his guilt through rock music and the ghost of his dead son. His abandoned daughter, wanting more from life, runs away looking for love, and before long, everyone is pursued by a bear. Full of mistaken identity and male privilege gone wrong, this comedy-drama explores the reimagining of social constructs and how we create a new path in the wake of repression.​ Read more  . . .

For mature audiences.  Please be advised that this play contains potentially distressing topics.  For detailed information, please read the content warning.

Spring Dance Concert

Kim Brooks Mata, Producer & Artistic Director

April 28-30 at 7:30pm
Ruth Caplin Theatre