UVA Spring Dance 2015

2015 Spring Dance Concert. Photo by Tom Daly.

The Dance Minor program of the Department of Drama engages both practical and theoretical applications to unmask dance as an investigative, expressive, and collaborative field of study. The program emphasizes the value of dance as an artistic practice and exposes our students to creative structures and methodologies that enable them to develop self-reflexive and critical thinking skills. Students explore the role of dance in relation to society and culture, acknowledging ways in which dance shapes and is shaped by the world. The Dance program offers dynamic, transformational learning experiences that provide students with skills to successfully navigate contemporary issues with confidence and socio-cultural awareness.

Each semester students are provided opportunities to hone their creative and movement practices through choreographing and performing in student, faculty and guest artist work for program concerts. Students majoring in a wide variety of disciplines elect to pursue a minor in Dance. In order to attain the Dance minor, students must complete 18 credits of academic coursework. For more information, please refer to the Course Requirements page.


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For more information, contact the Dance Minor Advisor, Department of Drama, Drama Building, 109 Culbreth Rd., P.O. Box 400128, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4128; (434) 243-2349 or (434) 924-3326.

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