Venue Rental FAQs

Venue Rental Frequently Asked Questions            Please direct all questions to Tracy Francis

The UVA Department of Drama occasionally has space in its academic and production schedule to provide performance venues to the UVA Academic community.  Most of the time the spaces are in use as class space, but for evening or weekend events we are able to make our resources available.  When rentals are happening, Drama Department activities are affected, therefore, we are never able to provide exclusive use of the space.

I am a student / Charlottesville community member. Can I rent a theater for my event?

The Department of Drama facilities are only available for rental to UVA departments and are subject to availability.  Organizations wishing to rent our facilities that are not part of the University of Virginia must have a UVA Sponsoring Department.  Individual students, alumni, and student CIOs are not considered UVA Departments.

How far in advance of my event should I inquire about renting a space?

Due to the many performance and production activities in the Department of Drama, there are actually only a few opportunities to rent one of our theatres per year, all in the Spring semester. There are generally rental opportunities in the Fall. If you are interested in renting a theater, please contact the Drama Department at least one semester in advance of your event.  The best times of the year to enquire are at the end of the Spring semester, or in the first two weeks of the Fall semester.

How much does it cost to rent a space?

Rental of a space is based on comparable rental rates in the area, and usually totals $1000 - $5000 depending on the complexity of the event planned.  Costs include lighting and sound equipment fees and staffing, ticketing, maintenance, and administrative fees. To assist in determining whether our spaces are right for your event we have prepared the Facility Rental Contract which contains all of the facility specifications and rental rates.

Is parking available in the Culbreth Garage?

Parking is available to participants and patrons in the nearby Culbreth Road Garage. However, during business hours, the garage is metered and requires separate contracting with UVA Parking and Transportation. Please contact UVA Parking and Transportation, as the garage is occasionally reserved for special events elsewhere on Grounds.

Is the Lobby available for rental?

Yes, the Lobby can be scheduled, but use of the Lobby space is limited.  There can be no performances or ceremonies in the lobby, or seated events of any kind, including meals. Receptions and book signings are permitted.    

The Lobby of the Drama Education Building is a public space used by many members of the UVA community. During instruction hours, the Lobby can neither be closed off, nor otherwise blocked from use by our students and faculty. In the case of renting either a theatre or the lobby, please note that there will be no opportunity to have a truly “private event” in our lobby space.

May I rent the use of the Lobby Bathrooms for my event elsewhere on Arts Grounds?

Yes.  The cost of this rental includes staffing and administrative fees, and is subject to availability.

Do I have to ticket for my event?

Yes, all events in our theaters require ticketing through the Arts Box Office located in the Drama Department Lobby.  Please note that all contracts for ticketing are with the Arts Box Office, which is housed in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, not the Department of Drama, even though it’s offices are in the building.