On Stage

New Works Festival

Produced by Dave Dalton & Doug Grissom

April 26 - 29

Helms Theatre

The New Works Festival brings together all aspects of the collaborative process for presenting new works: writing, dramaturgy, directing, choreogrpahy, desing, technology, construction, acting, stage management and backstage run crews.  Produced by UVA Drama for the purpose of providing an all-encompassing experience for students, this festival also offers mentoring and feedback from faculty and guest artists.  The New Works Festival is supported by an Arts Enhancement Grant from the Office of the Provost & the Vice provost for the Arts.

This year we are presenting a full-length play, Canaan by Micha Ariel Watson, and Seven Short Plays and Devised Works by Ali Cheraghpour, Kate Doughty, Savannah Hard, Jessica Harris, Christine McLennan, and Tiara Sparrow. 

Canaan by Micah Ariel Watson
April 26 & 28 at 8pm
April 29 at noon & 4pm
Helms Theatre

In 1968, generations collide as Washington, D.C. neighbors must decide where their loyalties lie when the Civil Rights Movement takes a turn. During one of the most tumultuous years in American history, Canaan tells the coming-of-age story of a teenager and his community, caught between love, activism, and spirituality.  Watson's work Canaan was the winner of the 2018 Kennedy Center National Undergraduate Playwriting Award.

Seven Short Plays and Devised Works
April 27 at 8pm
April 28 at 2pm
Helms Theatre

The three devised works are by Director-Devisers Jessica Harris, Ali Cheraghpour, and Tiara Sparrow are on themes of internalized biases, modern-day fairy tales, self-exploration, and addiction secrecy.

The four one-act plays are:

White Zinfandel by Savannah Hard
Laurel is a bubbly housewife with a love of attention, but her family and friends have to decide whether to take a stand against her drinking and her delusions.

Old Flame by Christine McLennan
The sacred flame of the Vestal Virgins is in danger of dying out, and they desperately need new recruits to keep it going. At a college activities fair, they find an interested student, but she isn’t sure she can commit to the Vestal’s demanding standards. Can anyone?

Can’t Stay Here by Kate Doughty
Liz is a recently single college student who tries to get some distance from the demands of her social life in a surprising and hilarious confrontation with her own anger, sadness, and desire to party.

Every Little Soul by Christine McClennan
Rosie’s drug use has pushed Mama to her limit. She lays a trap for her daughter in an effort to bring her home and bring her peace.

Tickets for full-time UVA students are free through the Arts$ program and all other tickets are $5.00 each.

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