On Stage

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must cancel our performances of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS.  It saddens us to do so, as so many of our students, guest artists, faculty, and staff have worked many hours on this production. If you purchased tickets to see this production, you will be contacted by department in due course.  We thank you for your support, understanding and patience!

UVA Drama Artistic Director, Marianne Kubik, reflected our collective thoughts eloquently in her email to the Company, "The benefit of studying at an institution like UVA is that we can trust in the in-depth consult our administration has considered in making hard and impactful decisions like this. The impact on a project like Once Upon A Mattress is challenging to digest. After months of working toward a product that promised a joyous, funny, and delightfully creative encounter with summer stock history and a fairy tale turned on its head, I empathize with your disappointment. I am proud of the artistry I’ve seen around the building, I’m inspired by the leadership and collaborative spirit you’ve embraced and supported, and I’m sorry our community will not be able to experience your collective endeavor or give you feedback on your individual accomplishments. There can be other shows, and we’re doing our best right now to ensure this will be so."

Thank you all for your work!

Directed by Amanda McRaven

Music Direction by Greg Harris

Choreography by Geri Sauls

Scenic Design by Jeffrey D. Kmiec

Costume Design by Katie Stomps

Lighting Design by Justin Poruban

Sound Design by Nathan Scholz

Technical Direction by Casey Horton

Production Stage Management by Lydia Modlin



Minstrel:  Aiden Carroll
Wizard:  Maggie Barilka*
Princess No. 12:  Aubrey Hill
Lady Rowena: Payton Moledor
Lady Merrill:  Hannah Thompson**
Prince Dauntless the Drab:  Micah Rucci
Queen Aggravain:  Emily Sumlin
Lady Lucille: Julie Guarneri
Lady Larken:  Julia Landini
Sir Studley: Aaryan Balu
King Sextimus the Silent:  Matt Peterson
Jester:  Grace Bowie
Sir Harry:  Brandon Bolick
Princess Winnifred:  Veronica Seguin
Ladies-in-Waiting:  Georgia Castleman, Claire Netermeyer*
Knights & Lords:  Tanner Asmussen, Aaryan Balu, Reza Mirzalee, Russell Petro, Michael Splathoff

*Dance Co-Captain
** Lady Larken understudy


Violin:  Marissa Resmini, Jacob Roege
Viola:  Stanley Beckwith
Cello:  Stephanie Gunst
Bass:  Zach Beamer
Flute/Piccolo:  Christine Willard
Oboe: Charles Torian
Clarinet:  Paul Beum
Bass Clarinet:  Rebecca Kenaga
Trumpet:  Charlie Frise, Riley Millward
Trombone:  Luke Sackett
French Horn:  Becky Allen
Harp:  Madeline Hamilton
Keyboard:  Karen Dalton
Percussion:  Dave Youel
Conductor:  Greg Harris

Stage Management & Rehearsal Staff

Dramaturg:  Jessie Fidler
Assistant Stage Managers:  Maame Duah, Dominique Toussaint, Connor Young
Clancy Operator:  Thomas Holt
Production Coordinator & Stage Management Faculty Advisor:  Caitlin McLeod


Assistant Scenic Designer:  Jessica Burnam
Assistant Technical Director:  James Nicholas
Draftsperson:  Jackson Key
Technical Direction Faculty Advisor:  Steven Warner
Master Carpenter:  Jackson Key
Scene Shop Assistants: Jackson Key, Connor Young
Scene Shop Crew:  Students of DRAM 2230


Scenic Charge:  Batul Rizvi
Assistant Scenic Charge:  Jessica Burnam
Paint Shop Assistants:  Heidi Waldenmaier
Scenic Artists/Painters:  Students of DRAM 2232


Prop Master & Prop Shop Supervisor:  Sam Flippo
Prop Shop Assistants:  Ally Karaca, Carolyn Schaumburg


Costume Design & Technology Faculty Advisor:  Marcy Linton
Costume Shop Manager:  Sarah Bryan
Costume Shop Assistants:  Elizabeth Hinton, Taylor Parsons, Zhongxuan Wang, Lyla Ward
Graduate Costume Assistants:  Katherine Stefl, Cee-Cee Swalling
Stitchers:  Students of DRAM 2310
Wardrobe Supervisor:  Katherine Stefl
Wardrobe Crew:  Wenqi Pan, Kelly Park, Maame Sarfo


Assistant Lighting Designer:  Jackson Key
Master Electricians:  Julie Briski, Lauren Duffie, Justin Poruban
Assistant Master Electrician:  Silas Hayes, George Pernick
Electricians:  Kyndal Harrison, John Fitzgerald, Madeleine Engel, Jean Rosenthal, Mia Shaker,
                        Jessie Fidler, Thomas R. Skelton, Brian Staton, Jackson Key, Students of DRAM 2130
Lighting Design Faculty Advisor:  R. Lee Kennedy
Light Board Operator:  Camille Favero
Spot Operators:  Cassandra Davis, Cameron Schafer

Sound & Digital Media

Sound Design Faculty Advisor:  Michael Rasbury
Sound Board Operator:  Nathan Sholtz
Mic Runner:  Ari Pettis


Drama Department Chair:  Richard Will
Drama Department Artistic Director:  Marianne Kubik
Drama Department Technical Director:  Chris Rybitski
Drama Department Production Manager:  Caitlin McLeod
Business Manager: James Scales
Assistant Business Manager:  Judy McPeak
Drama Administrative Staff:  Theresa Lamb
Social Media Coordinator:  Caky Winsett

Box Office

Interim UVA Arts Box Office Manager:  Matthew Levenson
Arts Box Office Staff:  Renat Abazov, Brandon Bolick, Christen Bolton, Morgan Booth,
                                 Elizabeth Chung, Spencer Harrell, Serhii Maltsev, Meghan Morris,
                                 Zola Price, Lorena Vera, George Villacis, Morgan Waddy