On Stage

New Works Festival

Produced by Dave Dalton & Doug Grissom

April 26 - 29

Helms Theatre

The New Works Festival brings together all aspects of the collaborative process for presenting new works: writing, dramaturgy, directing, choreogrpahy, desing, technology, construction, acting, stage management and backstage run crews.  Produced by UVA Drama for the purpose of providing an all-encompassing experience for students, this festival also offers mentoring and feedback from faculty and guest artists.  The New Works Festival is supported by an Arts Enhancement Grant from the Office of the Provost & the Vice provost for the Arts.

This year we are presenting a full-length play, Canaan by Micha Watson, Seven Short Plays and Devised Works by Ali Cheraghpour, Kate Doughty, Savannah Hard, Jessica Harris, Christine McLennan, and Tiara Sparrow.