Pam Black

Pam Black

Assistant Professor, General Faculty, Figure Drawing

126 Campbell Hall

Pam Black received her degree in drawing and painting from Washington University, where classical figure study and abstract expressionism were the artistic movements in the mid 70’s. In graduate school, at Pratt Institute, conceptualism was the trend. These early influences and other life experiences inform her work and teaching, today.

In her studio, Black practices finding accuracy in expression/exposure, a phrase which captures many years of rendering, painting and writing her biography. During this process, she, herself, became a student of her own self-prescribed exercises. She invented ways in which to challenge her own habitual ways of thinking and working. Black brings her daily discipline into the classroom with the intention of helping students do the same.

Black’s bond with her animals has always been a source of inspiration for making art. She uses the time with them to study behavior, gesture and mood. Through observation and touch, she gets to know them and relies on instinct rather than words to form a relationship.

Black has taught drawing for over two decades, beginning with elementary school at the Dalton School in New York and culminating, many years later, with graduate students at the University of Virginia. For twenty years, she held a position at Piedmont Virginia Community College where she eventually became a Professor of Art. Black currently, holds a joint appointment in the School of Architecture and Department of Drama.

Black has exhibited in the DC area at Gallery 10 and G.R.A.C.E, regionally at Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Sawhill Gallery and 1708 Gallery, and in the Midwest at New Harmony Gallery in Indiana. Her work is in the private collection of Capitol One in Richmond, Kate Spade in New York and the New Harmony Inn. She has a permanent installation of paintings in the Charlottesville City Hall Annex.