The Drama Department provides a menu of courses for undergraduate students interested in acting. The basic 3-course acting sequence anchors more specialized offerings, which include Voice for Theatre, Musical Theatre Performance, Movement for Theatre, Stage Combat, Audition, Script Analysis, Dialects, Theatre Makeup, and performance elements of Television Texts, Scripting and Directing, and Film and Television Texts.

Another relevant course is Acting Out, in which students are directed in special request monologues and scenes which are taken “on tour” to class sessions across university grounds.

While not a component for the major, dance courses are increasingly becoming a regular part of the Department’s offerings.

Additional courses may be available when second- and third-year graduate students bringing expertise to the program offer courses in those areas. Current and past offerings include Auditioning for the Stage, Acting for Film, Improvisation, Stage Combat, and Bogart’s Viewpoints.

Faculty members may also be available to work with students on an independent study basis. Performance faculty members, available outside of class hours, spend significant time every week coaching students for class projects, Department productions, Virginia Theatre Association auditions, and University/Resident Theatre Association Auditions for accredited graduate acting programs.

Performance opportunities include roles in main stage, lab theatre, and ad hoc productions, as well as scenes in directing classes and readings of new plays in playwriting classes.

The majority of performance-oriented guest artists provide workshops for undergraduate and graduate students.